Millwater, Auckland

In 2016 Arch were commissioned for construction work in Millwater, specifically, a double-level apartment complex with a single level carpark and shopping complex. This totalled over $1,000,000 in masonry work. Today Millwater continues to expand, as one of Silverdale and Orewa’s most vibrant new communities.

Millwater profile
Millwater profile
  • Dimensions; 100 meters long by 60 wide, totalling 3 levels.
  • Products involved – firth blocks and midland bricks.
  • 60,000 bricks.
  • 20,000 bricks bagged.
  • 5000 brick slips
  • Brick veneer face work
  • 10,000 blocks in site works all bagged
  • 30,000 blocks in basement